Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Random Sampling of Florida Prostitutes

You know, whenever it comes to easy girls, I don’t know if anyone has a larger file than police in Florida. It’s time to take a moment and turn to these hookers, in honor of all the recent prostitution busts in the sunshine state.

We ran across some interesting photos. There’s the online advertising prostitutes.

Ashley Marie Deluca (asks $200)

There’s the decliners, when drug use rapidly changes their appearance…

Britney Lightfoot

Lacy Dimick

All the way down to being featured in a porn film, starring real Florida hookers addicted to Crack.

And then there is one of our favorites, Melissa Collora. As expected, she has a long history of addiction to crack cocaine, but the offers a couple of twists. Not only does she wear the crown of the 2nd most arrested working girl in Florida, but she once sold her goods for the bargain price of 8 dollars and a Baby Ruth Bar.

So, Guys (Or Gals)

Hit It Or Not?


Trixie Mathews said...

Oh my goodness! What happened to their faces? These photos should pose as warnings to girls who use cocaine and fall into the pits of prostitution.

Anonymous said...

Not. I wouldn't do her WITH a Baby Ruth...

lovebritneyanansalightfoot said...

I'd plow the feces outta Britney light foot. I'd rail that for hours till my nose bled

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